Christmas Extravaganza - 2007

'Christmas Extravaganza' takes the audience, through the eyes of three children, on an enchanted journey through a winter wonderland to Santa's workshop. There, they are entertained by the elves and a divertissement of dancing toys.

A highlight of the evening was Frederic Ashton's Les Patineurs danced by Youth Ballet West. Les Patineurs was originally choreographed by Sir Frederick Ashton in 1937 and has been described as - a pure dance display of virtuosity disguised as a joyous ode to skating. Ashton got his ides for Les Patineurs from the graceful movements and virtuoso skills of skaters, and set them to music by Meyerbeer, itself originally written to accompany skating scenes onstage. Ashton's choreogrphy suggests the effortless actions fo skaters as they sway, glide turn - and even fall over.